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  Offical Duel-Arena Yu-Gi-Oh Quiz Contest

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PostSubject: Offical Duel-Arena Yu-Gi-Oh Quiz Contest   Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:20 pm

Here we'll be posting weekly a quiz about yu-gi-oh and duel-arena, the winner will be the one who has the most correct answers. If more than 1 player has the same maxium amount of correct answers, than the winner will be the first player who posted the most correct answers. Also, we'll have a 2nd and 3rd prize, so the other winners don't say it is unfair, since they also answer correct as the winner had, and a consolation prize for the other players that participated at this contest (I don't gurantee that the prize will be duel points or smt as awesome as that, but I do gurantee that each week we'll have a new consolation prize, I hope). Now I'll post an example of how this quik will be like. The questions will be made by DA staff, and we'll make sure that u won't be able 2 answer them, well, at least some of u won't, hopefully. Also, each quiz will have a team. Ex: this theme is duel-arena formation, about how was it funded and things like this. There won't be a specific nr of question. This theme it could be 10, next it could be just 5, but it could also reach 25 questions. Also, the questions can be with multiply choises, normal or a tricky question and each quiz can have 3 hits, not per player, but per game. Exactly, a player can chose to use a hint for 1 question,2 or even 3, but that'll mean that he'll use all 3 hints that they have at disposal, so use them wisely. Here is an example of a quiz:

1. Who funded Duel-Arena ?
2. Who was the first worker to join Duel-Arena project ?
3. What was the first character made by the staff for Duel-Arena ?
4. What was the first card made by the staff for Duel-Arena ?
5. What was the first deck made by the staff for Duel-Arena ?
6. Which worker was the one to make the first character? What about card ? What about deck ?
7. What number of workers started 2 learn html to help at coding ?
8. Which worker/s likes pies ?
9. Who ate a waffle at a workers meeting ?
10. Who worked most on this forum ?(Did new buttons, builded the forum by making the forums and subforums)
11. Who was the coder of Duel-Arena ?
12. What animal is sor1n13's favourite animal ?
a. A persian cat
b. A mitical japanese creature (specifically, a dog a.k.a. Gobi)
c. A weasel
d. A panda in bikini
13. Who like the most yu-gi-oh ?
14. What anime does Duel-Arena is based off ?
15. How many other arenas are besides Duel-Arena ?

Number of hints left: 3
Number of hints used: 0
Number of players taking the quiz: 0

Oh yes, u saw it. "Number of players taking the quiz"Before making the quiz, we'll make a sign-up, where players can subscribe to join and take the quiz. Also, the answers must be sent to a worker named QUIZ. He will receive all your answers, saves them to a document along with the official answers and after 1 week he sends me the results, which than I show u.
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Offical Duel-Arena Yu-Gi-Oh Quiz Contest
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