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 Offical Duel-Arena custom card/character contest

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PostSubject: Offical Duel-Arena custom card/character contest   Mon Jul 19, 2010 5:46 pm

Here we'll be organising contest, cards or characters, where each player can post there best works that. Each creation will be posted each week, when we'll have a specific theme. The creations will be voted by players. The players must have at least 200 posts to vote. The winner of the contest will gain some duel points and some Creator Points. At a specific amount of CP a player will be able to unlock a card. Also, to make it more fair, there will be 3 places. First place will have the grand prize (look behind), second place will gain duel points and 3rd place will gain the ability of having published 1 card made by them.
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Offical Duel-Arena custom card/character contest
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