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 Keeping your Account Safe & Steps to Retrieving it

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PostSubject: Keeping your Account Safe & Steps to Retrieving it   Sun Nov 14, 2010 5:47 am

Losing Account Prevention
1) Do not give your password away to ANYONE.
Admins, global moderators, and/or moderators will never ask for your passwords in order to become a moderator, fixing a bug, progress in the game etc.
2) Have a real and your own e-mail assigned to the account.
3) Hide your e-mail in the profile (use Control Panel on Naruto-Arena)
4) Don't change your e-mail to another if someone is telling you to do so.
5) Do not use common names as a password, like your username, "naruto", "qwerty", "12345".
6) Do not have the same password for both the account and the e-mail.
7) Use strong passwords (for BOTH account and e-mail password). Check out Google to find out what strong password is.
In short, have a decent length password composed of letters, capital letters, numbers, and symbols (such as !, #, _ or $). Example of a strong password: S!t4e_5R1Sz4#
8) Note your password somewhere safe in case you forget it.
9) Use anti-virus software and watch what you download.

Without a strong password, you are keeping doors to your home wide open. Without a secure and real e-mail, you are locking the doors but leaving a key in the lock. Without an anti-virus protection, the key is hidden but the window is open.

Examples of scamming
Method 1: Cheats/Glitch/Bug
BadMan123 says: I have a cheat that will make you a sannin! Just pm me your user and password and I'll make you one.
EvilGuy6 says: I found this awesome bug where I can unlock anyone I want. Anyone want me to do it for you?

Method 2: Impersonations
H4x says: Hi, I'm a mod on naruto-boards. I need "etc, etc, etc"
G4metester says: Gametester here, I was just wondering if "etc, etc, etc"
NB_Staff_accont: you seem your very good at this game would you want to be moderator, i need your pass to put it, and im gametesters right hand man and i look if some1 spam or something against rules so do you want. it takes only 20 min

At this point, they'll say they need your password for some odd reason. Whether it be "something wrong with your account", or "would you like to be a mod". Just by noticing that their names aren't what they're supposed to be, or checking their profile is a dead giveaway, but sometimes it's not so easy to spot. They can even pose as Moderator on MSN. It's easy to use a fake name/display picture/avatar/etc, so just be extremely cautious.

Method 3: Promises
BigJerk3 says: I'll rank up your account to anbu for you.
KicksKittens4Fun says: I can unlock all the shippuden for you.

Then of course, they'll ask for your password. Not everyone who offers help is a scammer, but think before you trust anyone with your hard worked account.

Method 4: Email Scam
ClubsBabySeals says: Change your email to naruto_fan_boy@emailprovider.com and you can unlock shippuden Sasuke!

This one is a bit more tricky. By changing your email to the one they give, they can use the "Recover password" option and get your password. They will then use this to login and steal your account. There's honestly no need to ever change your email, so don't do it if asked randomly.

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Keeping your Account Safe & Steps to Retrieving it
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